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Lisa's Qualifications

Registered with the Child Day Care Association and a member of the Family Safety Child Care Registry, as well as a parent and adoption advocate, Lisa is experienced, professional, practical, and extremely well-qualified to care for children; in addition, she loves kids! Lisa's experience includes: children's swim and guitar instruction, nanny for both an agency and individual families, a Big Sister for 10+ years in the most rigorous volunteer program in the country (Big Brothers Big Sisters of America), managing mentoring and tutoring programs for foster children and children at risk, and volunteer manager for various programs including homeless shelters, hospitals, and volunteer centers—among other things!

A human service worker by profession, Lisa strives to empower children to help themselves whenever possible (learning to serve themselves, etc.), allowing children to have FUN, and providing healthy meals and snacks (wholesome meals include a fruit, vegetable, and main dish for every meal—healthy snacks, reduced sugars and salt, and very little processed foods). Time outs and logical consequences guide children to make good choices. Lisa can accommodate children with food allergies, special diets, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering. In addition, parents are welcome to bring homemade baby food for their children.


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