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"Lisa is very loving and her program is wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for beyond quality care."

Sheryl, mom to Jude (8 months old)


"Sweet, caring person. My son loves spending time with Miss Lisa and his friends. I love that Miss Lisa keeps me updated on my son's day."

—Lindsay, mom to Zaiden (11 months old)


"Lisa took wonderful care of our son for almost two years. We always felt completely comfortable when he was in her care. We appreciated her keeping us notified on how he was doing each day and any new 'things' he did that day. Lisa also always kept the number of children she saw small, which gave each child more individualized care and attention."

—Katie & Joe, parents to Evan (2 years old)


"Lisa is very knowledgeable about all aspects of parenting, very supportive of breastfeeding, and always helpful even outside of day care. I never have to worry about what might happen because I know that my daughter is getting the attention that she needs, and I know that Lisa is parenting [as a provider] in the same style that we do at home. I feel like Lisa is invested in my daughter's future and like my daughter has a relationship built with her; therefore, it feels more like I'm dropping her off with family, as opposed to a day care center."

—Kate, mom to Emma (2 years old)


"I always felt good about leaving my son in Lisa's care, knowing he was safe and with someone who cared about his well-being. My son has learned so much being with Lisa these last two yearspeople are often impressed with how much he knows and can do at his age, and we know that we largely have Lisa to thank for this. Lisa communicated regularly throughout the dayletting me know of things (meals, naps, play, etc.) as they happened, rather than giving a handoff report at the end of the day. I have really enjoyed receiving photos of my son! As a working first-time mother, it was comforting to see he was having fun. We are so happy to have found Lisa's Learning Land for our son!"

—Jen, mom to Hudson (2 years old)


"Thank you for all of your help and feedback with everything. We're relieved that we were able to find someone who has the expertise, as well as someone who takes the time and effort to care for him to the same degree that we do each day."

—Macy and Brad, parents to Kole (8 months old)

Please contact Lisa by email ( or phone/text (314/250-9791) for additional information, or to schedule a new client interview.


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